Leoš Janáček – Káťa Kabanová

3:00 pm
Janáček Theatre
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Leoš Janáček – Káťa Kabanová

Director: Robert Carsen

Conductor: Ondrej Olos

Janáček Opera NTB

This impressive production is the work of the renowned director Robert Carsen and was originally created for the Flemish Opera. Its premiere will provide the ceremonial opening to the festival Janáček Brno 2016.

When at the start of 1919 Leoš Janáček began to consider Ostrovský’s play The Storm as the subject for a new opera, he was approaching his sixty-fifth birthday. In the previous three years much had changed in his life: he had become an internationally renowned composer and he had got to know Kamila Stösslová. Janáček wrote the libretto himself for the new opera making use of the Czech translation of The Storm. However he made major changes in it – reducing the number of characters, cutting it from five to three acts, leaving out much of the text which described the political and moral marasmus of 19th century Russian society and focussing attention on the chamber drama of the heroine Káťa suffering under the tough traditions or mercantile society in Tsarist Russia. In this hypocritical society she vainly longs to find love and in the end takes her own life to escape. 

Director: Robert Carsen

Conductor: Ondrej Olos

Stage and costume design: Patrick Kinmonth

Lighting: Peter van Praet

Choreography: Philippe Giraudeau

Asistant Stage Director: Maria Lamont


Káťa: Pavla Vykopalová

Boris Grigorjevič: Magnus Vigilius

Tichon Ivanyč Kabanov: Gianluca Zampieri

Varvara: Lenka Čermáková

Savël Prokofjevic Dikój: Jiří Sulženko

Marfa Ignatěvna Kabanová: Eva Urbanová

Váňa Kudrjáš: Petr Levíček

Kuligin: Igor Loškár

Glaša: Jitka Klečanská

Fekluša: Jitka Zerhauová

Passer-by: a member of the NDB Janáček Opera Chorus

Woman from the crowd: NTB Janáček Opera Chorus

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